Woah Vicky

Controversial internet celebrity Woah Vicky stops by ‘First and Featured’ to detail how she went viral on the internet, being a 19 year old with 2.4 million followers, her beef with the “Cash me outside” girl, Danielle Bregoli aka Bhad Bhabie, her friendship with Lil Tay and where Lil Tay is now, and how strategic and constructed fake news is. 

Episode 13

(2:37) Woah Vicky compared her hometown of Atlanta to Los Angeles where she frequently visits, details her priorities between content creation, social media, and content, and which music artists are her favorites in the game right now. 

(7:35) We dive into her life-changing viral moment on the internet that led to her fame and followers, discuss the controversial backlash and comments she receives online due, and she takes us behind the curtain of an influencer to discuss the industry and strategy that is required to gain followers.

(14:54) Woah Vicky describes what it is like to be a 19 year old with 2.4 million followers and how it led to life-changing money.

(20:00) We laser in on the beef between Woah Vicky and Danielle Bregoli (Bhad Bhabie aka the "Cash me outside, how about that” girl). Woah Vicky reveals how this viral moment and beef was strategically constructed and how influencers can create fake news. 

(25:48) Lil Tay, the controversial 10 year old that took the internet by storm, becomes the topic of conversation as Woah Vicky gives us the inside scoop on her rise to fame, their intimate friendship together, and where Lil Tay is now. Woah Vicky then leaves us with advice on career, relationships, date ideas, and more.