Tim Chung

Model and internet sensation Tim Chung joins host Ben Trinh to record the first ever podcast on First and Featured. Tim breaks down the viral internet moments he’s been through, gaining tens of thousands of Instagram followers in a couple of days, how that has changed his career and life, being an Asian American in the entertainment industry, and his love life.


Episode 8


(2:00) Tim Chung allows us to get to know the real him behind the social media numbers and talks about his daily routines and the projects that he is spending his time on.

(10:03) We laser in on Tim’s rise to having the social media platform he has today, how it may have changed his life, and being an Asian American in the entertainment industry. 

(21:42) We get personal with Tim and ask more difficult questions. We learn what Tim’s love languages are, what makes him happiest, what “his type” is when it comes to dating, and more.