Sommer Ray

OG Instagram model, fitness star and influencer Sommer Ray sits down with Ben Trinh on ‘First and Featured’ to discuss growing up on a ranch, to having 22 million followers on Instagram. Sommer gives us insights on the social media landscape and trends, dealing with bullying and rumors, how a “booty pic” blew up her social media following, and why she will never date a famous guy. 

Episode 14

(2:39) We get Sommer’s take on the term “influencer” and how it has both a negative and positive persona, Sommer breaks down the different social media channels and how she uses and prioritizes each, then Sommer explains the challenge in maintaining a brand that is being more than an Instagram model. 

(10:02) Sommer talks about her upcoming world tour where she will travel as a bootcamp instructor, we deep dive into Sommer’s upbringing and how fitness consumed her life, she explains her goal of being an olympian, and how a “booty pic” blew up her social media following. 

(21:25) Sommer describes what it was like growing up on a ranch, being homeschooled, only having guy friends and older friends, dealing with rumors and being bullied.

(27:55) We discuss the business side of the social media and influencer industry, Sommer’s clothing line and where that ranks in her priorities, and how brands have become more strategic and analytical when it comes to sponsored posts.

(37:17) Sommer gets personal and talks about dating, sex, gender differences and her preferences, why she will never date “famous guys”.