King Bach

Actor, director and comedian King Bach brings the jokes to the studio as he joins host Ben Trinh to give us the the rundown on all things acting and directing. We talk about being an introvert and going to the movies alone, becoming the most followed person on Vine, how he sorts through the thousands of DM’s he receives. how he thinks about business brand deals, and his time on MTV’s Wild ‘n Out. We dig further by talking about his inspirations and aspirations, we get him to spill the beans on his love life and current relationship status, and he gives us a sneak peak at his secret up-and-coming projects that are in the works.


Episode 7


(4:20) We dig into the mind of King Bach and learn how he brings his creative visions to life as a director and actor.

(12:28) King Bach relives the Vine days and talks about how he became the most followed person, how it changed his life, and how Vine ended. King Bach reveals his favorite people to collaborate with for skits and videos. 

(20:50) King Bach brings us behind the curtain for MTV’s Wild N’ Out with stories, he reveals his upcoming movies and projects, being a secret introvert, and how he feels when he is approached in public.

(32:40) We shift gears to talk business. We discuss his favorite brand deals and how he navigates them, how he balances his time, what goes on in his DM’s. 

(40:30) King Bach shows his intimate side when we talk relationships, his “type” and love life, and what you should do if you want to holla at him.