Keegan Allen

Actor, author and photographer Keegan Allen joins host Ben Trinh in the studio to talk about his journey to becoming a successful actor and getting casted in Pretty Little Liars. Keegan brings us back to his childhood and picking up his dad’s camera for the first time, to publishing his now best selling photography book “”. We discuss chasing happiness in Hollywood, how fame affected his dating life, meeting and speaking with Elon Musk, and his radical beliefs in conspiracy theories.


Episode 6


(2:20) Keegan reveals his favorite restaurant in LA where he eats daily then enlightens us with his views on sugar as a toxin. 

(11:02) We learn about Keegans childhood, the two photography books he’s published, the first time he touched a camera, and what pushed him to pursue acting.

(22:23) Keegan takes us inside an actors mind and what goes on behind the scenes in the film industry. 

(32:29) Keegan talks about landing the Pretty Little Liars role, how many times he’s auditioned before landing his big role, and the first time he was recognized in public as a famous actor. We shift gears to learn about his thoughts on our country’s educational system.

(43:06) We discuss the concept of chasing happiness, his high and low points in his life, his views on “Hollywood” and the industry, and how fame came with responsibility.

(54:22) Keegan explains how fame affected his dating life, dating famous people vs. “non famous” people, how he met his current girlfriend, meeting and speaking with Elon Musk, wild conspiracy theories, and more.