Karen Yeung

Fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer Karen Yeung joins host Ben Trinh to explain why she left her “nine to five” tech job in San Francisco 6 years ago to pursue creating content on YouTube in Los Angeles full time. Karen talks about her day to day routine, the “holy shit” moment in her life and surpassing 1 million subscribers, signing with Ipsy, and her up and coming projects, goals and priorities. The podcast becomes emotional and tears are shed when Karen allows us to take an intimate look into the private parts of her life - we discuss what makes her happy, what makes her sad, relationships, dreams, love and more.


Episode 5


(2:32) Karen brings us to the beginning of her journey and how she left her promising and comfortable tech job with Yelp to chasing her goals as a YouTuber and content creator. 

(12:06) We learn what Karen’s day to day is like, her “holy shit” moment, signing with Ipsy, and going from 100k followers to 1 million, learning how to do makeup from YouTube, and signing with Ipsy in 2014. 

(20:30) Karen explains how she handles negative comments and backlash from the internet and social media, balancing her true self vs. the brand she’s built on the internet, and Karen breaks down how she thinks the beauty, fashion and influencer industry is changing. 

(31:31) Karen reveals her upcoming projects, ranking her priorities between career, relationship, and self, and Karen gets emotional and allows us an intimate sneak peak into the private parts of her life.

(46:50) We do a speed round of questions including her biggest fear, favorite country, current music rotation, and what Karen thinks the meaning of life is.