Rapper, singer, and Oakland’s very own, Kamaiyah, joins host Ben Trinh on First and Featured. They discuss how gentrification has changed her home area, moving to LA, growing up in foster care, being a female in the hip hop industry, her relationship with artists like YG and how they met, her love life, ambitions, upcoming projects, and more.


Episode 9

(1:36) Kamaiyah discusses her move from the Bay to LA and the differences between the two cities. She goes on to share her story of growing up in foster care and how her upbringing influences her music. Kamaiyah and Ben Trinh also touches on gentrification and how tech companies and tech culture have changed the Bay Area.

(13:24) We jump into the topic of regional and territorial music and trends, the biggest hurdle in Kamaiyah’s career thus far, and she exchanges our low point and story with Ben’s.

(22:00) Kamaiyah talks about being in a commercial with LeBron James, who her biggest musical influence is, and being in an environment and culture where women are sexualized and referred to in derogatory terms.

(28:10) Ben asks Kamaiyah about her relationship with YG and how they met, Kamaiyah explains why she works the best with west coast / Bay Area producers, her relationship status and her love life, and some advice for listeners from Kamaiyah herself.