Josh Peck

Actor and comedian Josh Peck stops by the studio and brings nostalgia by discussing his Drake & Josh days on Nickelodeon and the possibility of a reboot. We talk about Josh’s evolution from starting as a comedian at the age of 8, taking on an acting role on Nickelodeon at the age of 13, and his current goals and aspirations after 20 years in the industry. We dive deeper to discuss how social media has become a source of income, dealing with fans in public every day, and how his life has changed since becoming a father.


Episode 4


(2:18) Josh Peck brings the nostalgia when we discuss 2000’s TV shows including ‘Drake and Josh’. We ask Josh who he gets starstruck around, dealing with fame, and always getting asked for pictures in public.

(15:47) Josh breaks down the personality that he has developed into and how TV and social media has affected that. We learn about Josh getting started as a standup comedian at the age of 8, acting as an early teen, and moving to LA to pursue his dreams.

(24:13) We focus in on the topic of ‘Drake and Josh’, the Nickelodeon hit show, and how coming up as an actor back then is different than actors who come up now in the age of social media. Josh also describes what it was like growing up fat and how that affected his career. 

(37:35) Josh discusses how he has monetized social media and how it has empowered creators in the world of content. We find out how many auditions Josh has been through in his lifetime and find out if there will be a ‘Drake and Josh’ reboot. 

(54:50) We hit Josh with a speed round of questions which include topics of becoming a father, dating advice, his music tastes, and more.