Jordyn Jones

19 year old rising star Jordyn Jones hops on First and Featured to talk about life as a teenager having 5+ million Instagram Followers, staring in the movie Dance Camp, where she plans to take her music career, her past and current relationships, and that one time she drove a BMW into a building. 


Episode 10

(3:08) We discuss how dancing, acting, modeling and music shapes Jordyn’s life and her childhood, balancing her fame and brand in public vs. keeping her life private, her love of gaming, what her day to day is like, and how often she Postmates.

(11:26) Jordyn talks about being “needy” in a relationship, how she and her boyfriend support each other behind the scenes, and how Jordyn reached over 5 million followers on Instagram at just 19 years old.

(16:18) We dive into her passion of music and how Jordyn describes her sound. Jordyn reveals her “big break” moment from 3 years ago, and the creators/friends she met including her ex, her role in the movie Dance Camp, starring in YouTube music video Banji (which has 38 million views and counting), and Jordyn reveals which Spiderman is her favorite Spiderman.

(28:05) Jordyn details what life was like before having a mass number of social media followers. She describes how she deflects negative comments online, reading all of her fans comments and DM’s, if college is in her future, why Jordyn doesn’t ever drive, and running her BMW into a building.

(44:06) We go a level deeper and get personal, Jordyn spills the beans about her past and present relationship, how her and her boyfriend Jordan met, being in love and what that means to her, then Jordyn and Ben both talk about how many kids they want and their timelines.

(57:30) Jordyn does a speed round of questions to end the podcast.