Holland Roden

MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ actress Holland Roden  joins Ben Trinh on First and Featured to uncover the nitty gritty details of being an actress, Hollywood, and the film industry. We break down her role and experience during her time at ‘Teen Wolf’, Holland explains what a “thruple” relationship is, why she wants to raise her future children through “unschooling”, and how dating has changed now that she’s in her early 30s. 

Episode 12

(1:30) Holland introduces us to her puppy, landing her first acting gig with HBO in 2007, the business side of being an actress, and gives advice to aspiring actors and actresses. 

(11:56) We dive into the hit TV drama series ‘Teen Wolf’ from the start when Holland read the script, to meeting the cast, to being in production, how life changed through the years it aired, and if she would do it all over again if there was a ‘Teen Wolf’ reboot. 

(30:30) Holland reveals her favorite shows movies and books. She goes on to break down her day to day routine, her belief in the concept of “unschooling”, and explains what a “thruple” relationship is. 

(46:05) Holland and Ben shares how young they were when they had their first drink, Holland talks about her relationship status and if she feels any pressure to follow a certain timeline now that she’s in her early 30s, she tells us how many times she’s been in love and how many times she’s had her heart broken, and how changing is different in her 30s compared to her 20s. 

(52:50) We ask Holland a bunch of tough questions in a speed round to end the podcast.