Ben Baller

Celebrity Jeweler, Entrepreneur and hip-hop legend Ben Baller joins Ben Trinh and Marvel on First and Featured to break down the jewelry industry in detail. Ben Baller reveals the minimum price he charges per chain, making a piece for Kid Cudi and how Pharrell influenced that, his influencer on the Asian community, being a father and how his kids changed his life, his son having a “third eye” and a sixth sense, his time at Aftermath with Dr. Dre, and his thoughts on “influencers”. 

Episode 11

(1:50) Ben Baller talks about that one time he almost Postmated a chain to Tyga, then he breaks down the in’s and out’s of his jewelry business including how many chains he makes. He reveals the dollar amount he would need for him to consider making a chain for someone and tells the story behind Kid Cudi’s piece and why Pharrell is the reason that it happen.

(14:30) We discuss how Ben Baller manages his travel schedule while balancing time with his kids, how having the first, second and third child changed his life and career, being a role model for young Asians, and then we discuss the cultural differences (as well as why the two cultures get along so well) between Asians and African Americans. 

(28:10) Ben Baller talks about his brand and credibility, doing brand deals and saying no to Fashion Nova, his thoughts on the term “influencers”, and how getting into the music industry back in the day made him hate the music industry, and how he protects his families privacy. 

(35:47) We talk about his kids having phones and iPads, what age his kids have to be for him to allow Instagram, his son having a sixth sense and “third eye” (!!!), and what the toughest part about being a father is. 

(42:49) Ben Baller and Ben Trinh finishes the podcast with a speed round of questions.