Alexis Ren

Globally recognized top model Alexis Ren joins host Ben Trinh on First and Featured to open up about her story and upbringing, being homeschooled, moving to Japan as a teenager, social media and dealing with online trolls, and being an anime nerd. Alexis invites us to see her vulnerable side when discussing mental health, love and relationships (including her current relationship status) and surprises us by spontaneously reading a poem she wrote.


Episode 2


(2:34) Alexis Ren reveals what her current focuses and priorities are in life, the social brand she has built and how that compares to her true self, how she deals with fans in public, and the toughest comments and criticism she has read on the internet. 

(14:14) We dive a level deeper and talk relationships. We get specific and personal and learn how many times Alexis has been in love, her current relationships status and what Alexis looks for in a a significant other.

(19:43) Alexis describes what it was like being homeschooled, we uncover her nerdier side and Alexis tells us her favorite anime, and Alexis tells us her time as a teenager when she moved to Japan to chase a career as a model. 

(29:30) Alexis invites us to see her vulnerable side as we learn about the high and low points of her life, losing her mother at the age of 17, mental health, and what her greatest fear is. 

(33:45) We end the podcast by getting a sneak peak of Alexis’ Notes in her phone. Alexis then spontaneously reads us a never-heard-before poem she wrote, and we conclude with a speed round of questions which will reveal her favorite music and most used app.